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At the heart of power generation

Cummins G-Drive Engines offer a new breed in high performance – reliable diesel engines. From the small but powerful B3.3 to the QSK78, considered best in its class for power density and emissions, Cummins G-Drive Engines deliver market leading power solutions to Generator Original Equipment Manufacturers (GOEMs) internationally.

Continuous research and development ensures that G-Drive products deliver some of the highest power density per class, with many meeting United States and European emissions standards.

Cummins G-Drive Engines present most diesel engines in CoolPac configuration, which adds a cooling package and air cleaning kit as standard for a complete power package. Each component has been developed specifically for Cummins G-Drive Engines products, GOEMs benefit from high performance, rigorously tested, high ambient capability solutions.

The next step in electronic management

Power Generation Interface

Available on the QS range of engines including the QSB5/7, QSL9, QSK19, QSK38/50/60, and the next generation of QSX15, and QST30, the Power Generation Interface (PGI) Electronic Control Modules (ECM) are some of the best engine controllers on the market today. They enable our designers to greatly improve emissions to easily meet strict European regulations, while also providing advanced engine protection.

The new breed of ECMs put complete control of your Cummins G-Drive Engine at your fingertips, with easier and faster connectivity. They also have superior fault finding capability through dedicated electronic service tools.

Fitted to the newer generation of Cummins G-Drive Engines, the PGI ECMs are a more flexible and economical way of controlling your power generation solution.

INSITETM electronic service tool

INSITE can perform engine diagnostics and display electronic engine information on your PC. With step-by-step diagnostics, built-in engine drawings and schematic diagrams, working with INSITE is easy. Using this software application will reduce troubleshooting time, errors or incorrect procedures, and quickly get your engine running again.

INSITE delivers quick access to trip information, adjusts parameters, and reviews/clears fault information quickly and easily. Both the Lite and Pro version of INSITE provide you with easy-to-follow troubleshooting assistance, wiring diagrams, sensor location diagrams, and the ability to store engine and trip information on a database for future use,

or as Programming Templates. For more information visit insite.cummins.com

Cummins GCS controller

The Cummins Governor Control System (GCS) is a high capacity electronic unit specifically designed for generator set applications. Using sensors within the engine it constantly monitors critical parameters and adjusts fuelling and timing for optimum performance.

Available from Cummins G-Drive Engines for QSX15, QSK23, QST30 and QSK60 engines, the GCS eliminates the need for an external speed governor and stores trend and event data that can be quickly downloaded using InPower.

InPowerTM electronic service tool

InPower is a CD based service tool that allows you to link directly to your diesel engine and view and adjust key parameters for optimal performance in standby, prime or base load applications.

From checking fuel efficiency trends and pinpointing faults to viewing operational history and running tests, InPower offers smart electronics in real time for QSX15, QSK23, QST30 and QSK60 diesel engines.

Worldwide backup and service

Cummins G-Drive Engines has long been dedicated to investment in product research and development, making it possible to continually offer customers some of the most powerful and durable products on the market.

Our dedication to product development is coupled with our commitment to environmental issues, and we strive to make the cleanest engines we can. So, wherever possible our diesel engines meet US EPA standards and are European EU stage 1 - 3 compliant.

Products are also backed by an uncompromising level of technical support and after sales service for complete peace of mind. Cummins G-Drive Engines prides itself on its customer service, delivered through a world class service network.

A quantum leap in innovation

Quantum Technology

CUMMINS G-Drive Engines are available with Cummins' innovative quantum technology, for the power to manage everything from fuel delivery and power curve shaping to protection features and data management.

Quantum System engines are designed to work with a common set of application and diagnostic software to simplify engineering installation and servicing, enabling GOEMs and

operators to use the same electronic tools and software to monitor and analyse performance and diagnostics across a wide range of diesel engines.

Using quantum technology, Cummins G-Drive Engines offers engines that meet emissions requirements with enhanced performance and capability for world-class power solutions.

Cummins Inc.

Cummins Inc. is the world's leading provider of diesel power. Through its network of subsidiary business units it designs and manufactures fuel-efficient, high performance diesel engines and related technologies for every generator set application.







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